Hello everyone, Small Fry here from our separate isolation stations! We have been thinking of ways to connect with you all and wanted to see what you are up to in the great indoors.. So, we challenge you to send in a drawing of your video calls. From your zoom yoga class and online life drawing classes to live streams, birthdays, gigs, quizzes, work meetings & uni lectures. Whether you’re Zooming, house partying, skyping, Facetiming, Facebook videoing it all counts and we’d love to see it! ​​​​​​​
You can do this as a single illustration, a series of illustrations such as a comic strip, or even into animation/GIF! Please post your outcome on your instagram with a little background story to your call, tag us, and nominate 3 friends to do the same! & we’ll share them over on our grid! *Note: If you can, make sure these are 300dpi, as we’d like to eventually collate them to exhibit (TBC!)*. In these challenging times we know how important it is to connect with friends, keep creative, and spread the positivity!
We are asking that you make a contribution to @manchester_mind with a suggested donation of £3. 
Illustration by @maisysummer Some characters inspired by @itsnicethat #nicertuesdays talk by @jean_jullien @ruo_han_wang, and @mattandphreds live session.
We are thrilled with Ian Morris' submission for Who You Zoomin’? We think it really conveys the chaotic energy that can take hold in a family video call.

When talking to us about his experiences he told us that, although he hasn’t actually been involved in zoom calls, he has enjoyed reading and hearing about people staying connected through them. After a recent loss due to the virus, he said he is “looking forward to when we can all meet our family and friends again without restrictions, because we all have the need for physical and emotional engagement with one another”

Thank you so much Ian for your dynamic and thoughtful submission! 🙌
Abi Whitehouse‘s beautiful Who You Zoomin’? entry. We spoke to her about her weekly meditative abstract stitching class. The Cosmic Stitchers with Stewart Easton!

“We started it after lockdown, Stewart Easton is a great embroidery artist and he decided to sew live on Instagram every night of the lockdown, and we all would sew for one hour a night, it was started as a meditative sew for an hour listening to music and quietly sewing, so we hash tagged the evenings as Cosmics Stitching Time then he offered some abstract embroidery classes and so we have weekly classes which have become a really important way of coping with the lockdown, I never stitched until lockdown, and this piece was to show my appreciation for the group as they have helped me through these hard times.”

Chelsea Waites "Who doesn’t enjoy a spa night with your friends even if it’s over video call. It’s important to get together and look after yourself"
We absolutely love Laura Wade's submission for Who You Zoomin'?
A beautiful tapestry of calls!

Molly Newport created this one inspired by her increasing WhatsApp video calls to her mum, she only lives in Wales but it felt like a million miles away! She add's we should never underestimate the power of a (virtual or distant) brew. Thanks for your illustration Molly, your characters never fail to make us smile! 
We LOVE this GIF by @mollyodesign ! 👀
“The struggle with FaceTiming my three year old niece is she can’t quite get her full face into frame, but it doesn’t stop her from yapping away haha 🌝”

Who You Zoomin’? illustration by @nicholasillustration  🙌
How lovely is @raeraeillustrations from @msasatclub  “Who you zoomin'?' - an illo of our club zoom Art Party.

"Saturday Club has gone digital since the lockdown and so we've all been missing the studio and the club members' jokes and chat. We decided that an Art Party was in order on the weekend when we should have all been travelling down to London for the big Saturday Club exhibition in Somerset House. We had a quiz, some silly drawing prompts, caught up on everyone's lockdown crafts and did the Getty Museum's imitation challenge with Édouard Manet's 'Jeanne (spring)' using old hats, houseplants, brollies and (in some cases) mops and coat hangers! Lots of fun and great to see our members are keeping in touch and using those creative brains!” Thank you Rachel this looked like loads of fun

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