Small Fry Collective is a creative hub based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Founded in 2018, Small Fry hosts a range of creative events, projects, workshops and talks in person and online, bringing together creatives from across the globe. Small Fry is directed by Illustrator & Animator Maisy Summer. Maisy is assisted by colleague and friend, Illustrator & Animator Sarah Wilson. Since graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2018, both have been working across Illustration, Design, Animation & Education in different capacities.
Both Maisy and Sarah bring to the table a range of knowledge from different areas of the creative industries and put creative learning and community at the forefront of their mission. Small Fry aims to champion creativity, and brings together a wealth of creatives spanning from students, to hobbyists, to professional designers and illustrators working in the industry. 
Small Fry hosts the Manchester meet-up for the AOI, along with an ongoing collaboration of online illustration and animation workshops and courses with Elephant Academy and Derwent. As well as host their own branded workshops and talk series such as Small Fry's Building Blocks of Freelance Illustration.
Other selected clients include The British Council, University of Manchester, Cardiff University, Winsor & Newton, Pankhurst Centre, Women in Print, and Manchester School of Art.​​​​​​​
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Dan Woodger Talk Host 2021
 "It was such an enjoyable evening, and perhaps the most natural, warm, relaxed atmosphere I’ve had on any Zoom call during the pandemic, it almost felt like we were down the pub! The stories and drawings people shared made my day and remind me what is so special about the illustration community" 

Melissa Lakey 6 Week Course 2021
"This course was so fun, challenging and inspiring! I looked forward to it each week. I loved learning about the different areas of illustration and I was inspired by all the examples Maisy and Sarah shared. The exercises and tasks pushed me to try out drawing things I never would have on my own, like maps, and to use techniques like collage in a new way. I learned a lot, but best of all I left each class feeling excited to do more illustration”

Lauren Jayne Hall 6 Week Course 2021
"I can't tell you how much I loved the whole course. I had been feeling stuck - I've been drawing a LOT this year, but all from photo references, and I felt like I didn't know how to make anything that was my own creation. Your course was the perfect thing to give me direction, I think of it as kind of a "levelling up" course - how to get from being decent at drawing to actually start making art. These last couple of weeks I have found so much motivation to create, so I'm so grateful!! It's definitely one of the best courses I've ever taken."

Colleen Doherty 6 Week Course 2021
"Struggles for artists at any level were mitigated by the unending repertoire of fun activities and light-hearted anecdotes offered by both teachers. Thank you for the inspiration, every single week"  

The Seasoning of Small Fry 2021 (Now Then Manchester)

Small Fry Partners and Collaborators
AOI, British Council, Pustaka Pias, Elephant Academy, Winsor & Newton, Pankhurst Centre, Cardiff University, Women in Print, Foundation, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Mind Charity. 

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