A workshop for creatives to nail down the dreaded About page with Small Fry Collective and Brand Warrior.
When it comes to writing your About page, as creatives, it’s easy to shy away from it. Or fall asleep doing it! It’s time to change that in this productive and fun workshop. After all, your About page has the most amazing subject matter – you!
So, let’s shake it up. Turn dull into dazzling and bland into brilliant. To create an About page that celebrates everything you’re about and more!
Whether you’re an illustrator who is just starting out, or you’re more established in your work, this practical workshop will shift your perspective, get you thinking differently and give you the ingredients you need to create an About page, which stands out and shines.
In the workshop, we will explore and discover:
· The dos and don’ts in the About world.
· How to write a killer opening paragraph (because first impressions count).
· Turning experience and interests into stories people want to read.
· Creating reason to believe and why it matters.
· How to spice it up and stand out.
By the end of the workshop, your perspective will have been shifted and your About page reinvented. Into a business tool you’re proud to share to shout about you.

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