Join us in welcoming Brooklyn-based Illustrator Fran Meneses to our latest edition of Small Fry Chats. Fran will be sharing with Small Fry's Maisy and Sarah her personal journey as an artist and how to navigate recalibrating your career in times of change according to new interests and needs. The event will also have a Q&A and some fun drawing prompts throughout led by Fran so you can sketch along too.

"My name is Francisca (pronounced like San Francisco, but with an A at the end), but everybody calls me Fran. I'm a queer illustrator, author and content creator currently living and working in Brooklyn, NYC.
I was born and raised in Chile (this is why I have a lovely accent) and since 2013 I've been living abroad, away from family, friends and Chilean empanadas. (I miss all of them)
In a normal week you'll find me at my studio drinking coffee and working on my upcoming graphic novel or designing stationery for my online store We Are Nice Humans. Part of what I love about being a creator is the chance to wear different hats; while I work on projects and comics, I like to show my life (with its ups and downs) on my youtube channel and social media. This honesty and vulnerability has allowed me to connect with my audience, and with their help and support I've been able to keep working on my projects full time."

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