Small Fry x Derwent Nature Illustration Workshop - An introduction to Chromaflow
Maisy Summer and Sarah Wilson of Small Fry Collective are delighted to be collaborating with Derwent on an illustration workshop with a focus on Chromaflow Pencils. The workshop will consist of a demonstration of the Chromaflow Pencil range and how the pencils can be utilised in different ways, with a focus on mixed media illustration. The Chromaflow Pencils will be used alongside other products from the Derwent range, specially selected by Small Fry.
We’re now seeing some brighter, greener days in the UK, so in light of this the theme of the workshop will be focused on nature and building up a colourful, beautifully textured garden scene. The workshop will take place over two hours, and will start with a demonstration of what Chromaflow Pencils have to offer, and how the pencils can be utilised to their full potential from an illustration perspective. We will then move on to working on a range of long and short illustration tasks which will be pieced together to build up a scene.
This workshop is suitable for a range of abilities, whether you’re a beginner or an old hand wanting to develop your illustrative visual language, and explore the expansive range Derwent has to offer. You will pick up helpful illustration tips and tricks along the way, with the opportunity to ask questions in a supportive and friendly environment.
With your purchase of the workshop, you will be sent a 25% discount code to use on the Derwent UK website. Please note, if you buy the materials for the workshop you will have to order them two weeks in advance to guarantee delivery on time.
Materials required for the workshop: coloured pencils, watercolours, painting paper, a range of coloured or tonal paper, scissors and glue. Maisy and Sarah will be using the following materials in the workshop: Derwent Chromaflow 72 Tin, Derwent Inktense 24 Pan, Derwent A3 Watercolour Paper, Derwent Tonal Paper. BUY TICKETS HERE
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