Having a background in both illustration and graphic design has been very helpful for us as hosts when putting on and running these SF events. We dig in and explore this blending of practices by inviting three wonderful speakers to talk on this theme, as part of 'Small Fry Chats'...

➡️ Designer + Illustrator @hanvalentine_
➡️ Designer + Visual Artist @lucyharmonygrimes
➡️ Designer & Curator of @fressshmagazine host to @lwdmcr Katie Jones

Come, join the online Zoom Small Fry space, as they give their spin on working between these two industries. The speakers range from curating and commissioning illustrators and graphic designers, involving illustrative methods in their design practice, or have a completely blended practice! We can’t wait to hear about their journey and work & we hope you can join us. This event is open to all and is in partnership with @theaoi Meet-up for Manchester.

Small Fry Chats.. Blended Practice: Design x Illustration 

10th June 7-9PM Tickets here 

Hosted by @maisysummer & @isobel_platt
Speakers all alumnus of @mcrschart
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